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Dec 6, 2013 5:00pm PST
in new orleans with held evidence from his defense team that would have kept him from going to prison all together. his story begins in january 1985 when thompson was charged with the murder of a white hotel executive. back then, thompson was just 22 with two children. after thompson's picture made front page news, three white teenagers came forward accusing him of carjacking them weeks before. so prosecutors charged him with robbery and got a conviction. a month later, they used that carjacking conviction to prove he had a violent history and convinced a jury to sentence him to death in the murder case. now keep in mind, there was no forensic evidence linking thompson to either crime, no fingerprints on the gun, none of his blood at the scene. and thompson didn't even match the description of the killer witnesses described. >> the murder happened december the 6th, 1984. this arrest happened six days after the murder had happened. so they are looking for a man 6 feet tall medium bald with a bald head. >> a bald head. >> bald head. >> reporter: you have a full head of hair. >> i have a ful
Dec 5, 2013 10:00pm PST
minutes. 7 minutes. defense, defense, defense. this is it. this is our destiny. >> ought only did the 1959 rugby world cup produce the nations host title. it was once used as a springbird by then president nelson mandela to try to develop a united post south africa. mandela appreciated the impact sports was capable of and a premier home event held in his homeland was just the vehicle he needed. in 2009, a hollywood production of "invictus" was presented by clint eastwood to inspire change by rugby. >> this is a story about a man who went his own way even though a lot of people advised him against it and were objected to his getting involved with using a sport to kind of bring about reunification and it worked. it workled. it's a wonderful moment in south african history. >> reporter: the movie stars matt damon who plays francois piinaar. freeman believes since that 1995 tournament the nation has gone from strength to strength. >> i think what they learned on that day was that together they could do anything. if they pull together there was nothing they couldn't do. the entire country so ha
Dec 3, 2013 10:00pm PST
. the fact she lied to authorities then, how damaging is that for her defense? >> well, look, if she was part of that conspiracy, which has to be proven, and there was an on going conspiracy to conceal it, that could be bad for her. but she needs to fight the theory of conspiracy and she needs to cling to two legal concepts like a life raft. one of those is mere presence. if she was merely present and didn't participate at all, she could avoid liability. the other thing that could shock people is we don't have a general duty the report crimes, like murder, merely because we know they happened. she needs to cling to those. practically a jury might have trouble believing if the prosecution can come up with additional evidence. if she was merely present and reluctantly so, she may have a legal argument there. >> danny, if you're witness to a crime that's been committed, she was witness to the alleged rapist chopped up in the head and still talking, she was aware a crime had be committed against him and didn't do anything about it, that's legal? >> absolutely. as long is there's no special duty.
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)